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Giddy Up Taxi Services

Giddy Up Taxi doesn’t just offer your typical taxi service-we offer more…and we give you perks! 

Resorts and Ski Areas-

We accommodate all resorts on Mount Hood offering specialized and custom services to meet all of your needs. Going skiing with your group of friends? We will get you to the top of the mountain safely and meet you at the bottom when you’re all done.


Don’t worry local mountain friends, we’ve still got you covered. At newly discounted prices, our services are now more affordable than ever! We will always be there for you when you need to go shopping, deliveries or even the doctors office. Coming Soon- Loyal Customer Rewards Card! Yes, we were thinking of you when we created this.


It’s now easier than ever to get your groceries or fast food. Just give us a call and we will swing it by wherever you’re at- home or office. You can even call us in advance. If you cant leave that meeting today you don’t have to starve, we will have your lunch there when you’re ready. 

Wedding Shuttles-

We want you to be completely happy on your special day not stressed out if your guests will arrive on time! We can accommodate large groups of people to and from your ceremony to your reception and back to their cars. We can wait around or come back later. It’s your big day, just tell us exactly what you want and we will make it happen.

Concert Shuttles-

Have you ever tried to find parking near a concert? Sometimes your car is a few miles away…maybe it’s raining or snowing. Customers will receive a round trip ticket with scheduled pick up times and locations. 

Wine Tours-

Summertime is a time of sunshine and fun. There is no better time to relax and go wine tasting. We will escort you and your party to different locations on the mountain where you can sample some of the greatest wines. Do you have a place you have dreamed of going? We will stop their too! 

Psst! Have you heard?! There are some big changes here at Giddy Up Taxi

Giddy Up Taxi has been serving this mountain for over 8 years faithfully and true. We are so excited to announce that Giddy Up Taxi is under new ownership! You can read about it here.

With this new ownership, there are some exciting changes taking place. Giddy Up Taxi is getting a makeover! 


Loyal Customer Rewards Cards

Yep…rewards cards. For those who will be visiting the mountain for a little while and those who live here year round can get a complimentary Loyal Customer Rewards Card. Read about them here.

New Rates!

Locals, we were thinking of you here. We have decided to drop rates for local fares in Welches. 

New Look Coming Soon!

Part of our makeover…is a real makeover. We’re getting a new look. Stay tuned and watch out. Trust me, you won’t be able to miss us.


Comfort is a big deal, we know this. Coming soon, we are adding new complimentary accommodations to allow for you to be even more comfortable. 

Enjoy luxury lighting for a tranquil environment or a fun night out with your pals.

Car Charger-

Did you leave your car charger in the hotel? That’s okay, we have a car charger that will fit almost any modern phone out there. 

Water Bottles-

From now on, you can quench your thirst on the go with our convenient mini water bottles on the house.



Mailing List

Do you come here often? Are you planning a vacation soon? Do you live here? Join our mailing list below for exclusive coupons, discounts and event specials. Trust me, you will not want to miss this. No, we won’t spam you. (Coming Soon)

Payment Types

We accept cash, all major credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Receipt is printed during the transaction making it easy for you to remember or get reimbursed from your insurance or company.

What's there to do around here anyway?

Very soon we will have a list of some of the top places to visit around Mt. Hood. We’re talking about the hidden treasures here on the Mountain.

We're going places...

Giddy Up Taxi has plans to grow big. Overtime we are going to continue to improve and get bigger and better. 


Don’t forget to ask us about our current promotions and specials. (Coming Soon)