Giddy Up Taxi Loyal Customer Rewards Card


How does this work?

Every time you take a ride with Giddy Up Taxi, have the driver sign off on your card. When you have 6 rides signed off you are able to redeem your rewards card and get another one.

Can I redeem this card anytime?

Yes, you can redeem this card for ANY fare, no matter the price or the distance.

Can I combine cards for more than $10 off?

No, you may only redeem one card per day. 

Where can I get one of these cards?

Many local business have these cards on hand. If not, simple book a ride and ask your driver for a rewards card.

Is this card transferable?

Yes, whoever has the card signed off gets $10 off.

What counts as one ride to get one sign off?

One ride means one pickup location to one drop off location. Round trips count as 1 trip, not 2.

Are there any times I cannot use this card?

Yes, you may not use this cards with other discounts, coupons or specials.

How do I redeem this card?

It’s simple, when you book your fare with Giddy Up Taxi, simply tell the dispatcher that you will be redeeming your Loyal Customer Rewards Card.