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I booked my ride from Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood weeks in advance and wanted to ski longer than the rest of my friends, thus needing a ride to PDX. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away and I hitched a ride home early with my friends, cancelling my plane ticket and forgetting about the ride until this afternoon when I received a phone call.

What terrific and understanding customer service. They were waiting for me outside the lodge, yet I was not there. This ride would have cost me $100+, but as I explained the situation, the nice driver treated me with such respect (despite being such a horrible, forgetful customer) and did not charge me for the ride. I offered to call base camp and pay my fare but he wouldn’t hear of it.

Thank you Giddy Up, I can’t wait to actually use your service next time I ski amazing powder at Mt. Hood. You are a great business, on time and friendly. This is the only way I can show my gratitude is by a rave review because you all deserve it.

Karen Kutkiewicz San Diego, CA